The Cabin


In this cabin escape room, you find yourself hiking with your friends at Camp Greer. You decide to split up to find firewood and when you return to your camp, your tent is missing and in it’s place is an old rustic cabin. You know this cabin was not there when you split up, so how did it get there? And what’s inside?

It is locked but there is a note on the door, and it looks like it was written recently. It’s getting dark, and COLD. You and your friends know that it will be impossible to find your way after the sun sets. This cabin appears to be your only hope for surviving the night.

Can you and your team figure out how to get into the old cabin, turn on the power, find food and supplies, and figure out what happened to all your stuff?

This room is the perfect activity for team-building, church groups, and family fun!

This is a family friendly escape room game and it is not scary. It does, however, take place in the woods at night, so lighting is dim at the beginning. Flashlights are provided at the beginning of the game.





60 mins.


2-6 participants