It’s the year 1954, and you are a team of investigative journalists with a very particular assignment at an asylum.  Woodcrest Institution for the mentally insane has been reported multiple times due to allegations of patients disappearing without a trace.  Your team suspects that Dr. Warren, the creepy and eccentric lead psychiatrist, may have something to do with the disappearances.  The only way to know for sure is to infiltrate the inside.

Donned in straightjackets**, your team will venture into the decrepit asylum to see what Dr. Warren is really hiding behind these walls.  But beware, the hospital staff is only on break for the next hour, so time is of the essence.

You have 60 minutes to search the premises and discover the truth before the nurse returns.  Will you uncover the real reason these patients went missing?  Or will be forever committed to the asylum?

Note:  This is a creepy room with a dark theme, some gore, loud noises and jump scares.  There will not be any live actors or others with you in the room.  We recommend this room for ages 14+ but all ages are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

**This room has the opportunity for players to start out in straightjackets.  You will be asked ahead of time if you would like to play this version but it is NOT required. 


2022 Player’s Choice Bullseye Nominee
Morty Top Escape Room 2022





Up to 8 Players