Fundraising Events

Looking for a unique and exciting school fundraising idea? Maybe it’s for a Band Trip, or for the Cheerleading Team to buy new uniforms. Or maybe you need a fundraising idea for your church for your Youth Group to go on an overseas mission trip. We have the perfect opportunity! We have a unique fundraising solution for your group!


Why escape rooms make great fundraisers

Aside from being FUN and trendy, escape rooms make great team activities and offer a variety of benefits:


  • Great for families and groups of all ages
  • Perfect for date nights as well as big group outings
  • Multiple themes that range from creepy to lighthearted
  • Games last 1 hour and include a fun photo booth opportunity
  • Escape rooms are unique experiences that create memories to last a lifetime


Hosting a fundraising event at Trapped in the Upstate

We will help set a date(s) for your fundraiser,anto students, families, and friends. We will give you a promotion code to give anyone who attends. Customers will book the rooms using this code and paying us directly. We will send you a check for the percentage of money that you earned.

Your net profit increases depending on how many people we are able to bring in.

If you are able to bring in between 8-149 people who pay full price to play a game, you will receive 20% of the profits.

If you are able to bring in 150+ people who pay full price to play a game, you will receive 25% of the profits.

If we are able to bring in 300+ people who pay full price to play a game, you will receive 30% of the profits!



Fundraising FAQs:

How many days can I host a fundraiser?
A fundraiser can take place from 1-3 consecutive days.

If customers that we bring in, use discount codes, will we still get a percent of the profit?
Yes, but it will reduce the amount received by the organization. We give you a cut of the profits based on what the customer actually paid, not the full value of the room.

Will any other fundraisers be happening the same day we do our fundraiser?
No, we will always choose a day (or days) where you are the only group fundraising. That allows us the ability to maximize our efforts in helping you meet your goal.

How will you know that we brought in customers?
You will need to give them a promotion code that allows us to track purchases.