Saving Santa


This year-round Christmas escape room is just what you need this year!  It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is missing!  The crew at the North Pole believes that Santa was kidnapped by Horace, an elf on the shelf gone rogue after he was not allowed to be a toymaker.  Mrs. Claus knows you are the best, so she has hired you and your team to find Horace and Santa. You are part of an elf SEAL team, so it’s your job now to save Christmas!

You have just one hour to find out what Horace is up to and rescue Santa before it’s too late for him to make his deliveries.  Your team must work together and move quickly, using your logic and teamwork.

Can you find Santa?  If you don’t, Santa won’t be able to deliver toys to all the boys and girls this year!

This immersive Christmas adventure is perfect for all ages and levels of escape room experience. We do recommend that a parent or older teen play with younger children. While it’s great for families, this room is also perfect for date nights, team-building, and friend groups.  The room is designed for a max of 6 players, but if you want to add more than 6, give us a call and we can discuss your options.

If you love Christmas, you’ll love this experience!

2022 Player’s Choice Bullseye Nominee



60 Minutes


2-6 Players